Marlen Weber (Chairwoman)
I am Marlen from Northern Germany and I have studied law and political science in Marburg at the Philipps-University before I came to the University of Salzburg in the summer semester 2014. I spend, for the most part of my free time, in the gym playing basketball or coaching kids and I also enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside of Salzburg.
I have participated in the STV EUS since the summer of 2014 and I appreciate this special atmosphere in our “small but fine” degree program. Particularly, the exchange between the teaching staff and us, students, is a particular concern to me and I hope to be able to expand this in the context of my presidency even further.


Christof Fellner (Deputy Chairman)
Hello, my name is Fellner Christof. I was born in 1988 and since Winter semester 2009 I have been studying Politial Science at the University of Salzburg. In Winter semester 2013 I have also started the EUropean Union studies and at the same time did an Erasmus semester at the Sciences Po Paris. I enjoy reading and debating, especially about politics. I am able to support the StV with my experience as an experienced Mandatar for ÖH and university bodies. My goal for the EUS Study program is to bring an open exchange of ideas between the professors and the students.




Miriam Bleck 

2015-09-23-miriam-evermore-155153dHi everyone! My name is Miriam Bleck and I am studying the EUS Master studies since March 2015. Before that I studied PR and communications management at the Campus M21 in Munich. I decided to do the EUS Master program because I am not only interested in the day to day events happening on the political stage in Europe but it is even more important to me to get to know the background facts and to understand what is really happening around me.

As a member of the StV I would like to help improve the communication between students and professors in order to make this Master program even more comfortable and attractive for all fellow and prospective students. My work in the StV should also contribute to improve the program and the daily life of the students as far as possible. Because of that, I am happy to help new students and colleagues if there are any questions, problems or other concerns regarding the studies.


Sebastian Grub


My name is Sebastian and I am currently studying European Union Studies in my third semester. Previously, I have studied Business Administration in Ludwigshafen. However, for my Master studies I wanted to do something different, even more interesting, more challenging. So, in the end the decision fell on European Union Studies in Salzburg and I just love it! Classes in politics, economics and law never fall short to ensure an interesting mix!

The only thing making these studies even more interesting is working for the StV! I have been working for the StV in my school and during my previous studies already and am really happy that I can help to make EUS even better for everyone. If you have any questions or complaints about the studies, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will help if I can!



Daniel Gratkowski

daniel-gratkowski-foto_256x256Hi, I’m Daniel and I’ve been studying the Master’s programme European Union Studies at Salzburg University since March 2015. Before coming to beautiful Salzburg I did my Bachelor’s in International Business Studies at Paderborn University in Germany. I became member of StV in late 2015.

I like to spend my free time in the nature, e.g. while cycling, hiking or swimming, or to hang around with my friends. Within the StV, I want to be at your disposal, if there are any questions related to the degree or life in Salzburg. See you soon!

Blerta Begisholli