The MA European Union Studies program is a program entailing political science, law and economics. The students participating in the MA Program come from various undergraduate backgrounds which include: law, languages, communication studies, political science, and economics.

In our program, students will attend courses covering information of the development of the European Union, the European institutions, policies, decision procedures, law, and economics of European integration. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend elective courses on various subjects that include: European Human Rights courses, European legal courses, International Trade and Business Law and Czech language courses. Moreover, students will attend excursions and have an oppurtinity to participate in a double degree program with the Law Faculty at the Palacký University of Olomouc, gain academic experience in applying legal knowledge through a Moot Court, attend courses designed for particular stimulations of that similar to EU scenarios, and more!

Here are some testimonials by current students and alumni to help you gain a better understanding of our program and its atmosphere. We hope these statements and experiences will help you decide to attend the MA EUS Program!

I decided to come to Salzburg and become part of EUS because of the content of the studies. The country where I come from (Kosovo) is preparing to join the EU, and young professionals are needed in order to facilitate this process.

Four semesters spent in Salzburg are with no doubt the best ones of my whole student life. Along with learning in a great environment and being taught by professional academic staff, the thing that made these two years unforgettable is my classmates. We were not only colleagues, but we became really good friends, and we made a good team not only in the classroom, but in local pubs too!

The study program offered everything a student can ask for: from theoretical lessons to specific practical case studies. Moreover, the excursion to EU institutions and the other one in Olomouc are not only informative but fun as well. After finishing the studies, I have immediately found a job and the fact that I studied at Uni Salzburg enhanced my employment chances.

I am happy that I was part of EUS, and if it would be possible, I would do it all over again.

– Artan Murati


My name is Olesia and I have chosen Master Program European Union Studies because for me it was the logical continuation after graduating from the Faculty of International Relations and an opportunity to study regional and international issues of the European Union more profound and comprehensive.

What I like about the programme is that due to the successful combination of courses students receive not only a scientific knowledge, but also practical skills, which I hope in the future will give us a competitive advantage. Courses are complemented and improved, making it possible to keep pace with dynamic European policies. Among the advantages of the Master Programme should be noted a variety of interactive forms of courses like simulating decision procedures and moot courts. In general, the Master Programme allows to get knowledge from different areas like economics, law and political science without losing its quality and depth. This specialization creates high-level professionals in a very narrow and prestigious area of European ​​decision-making, who are in demand in any industry – from public service to small and medium sized businesses and civil society organizations.

-Olesia Krivosheina

As a graduate in law school, I used to see things only from legal perspective so at the European Union Studies programme I had the chance to deepen my knowledge also about politics and economy of the Union. The programme offered us lectures from highly qualified professors and guest speakers who shared their experience and gave us inside knowledge about the work of the EU. As for the student life, Salzburg is small and green city. Maybe it does not have the most crazy night life but I had lots of fun with friends. I am thankful to everyone who crossed my way in Salzburg making those two years an amazing experience.

 -Fitore Bajraktari